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Caelum n : a constellation in the southern hemisphere near Columba and Eridanus

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see caelum



Named in the 17th century by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. From caelum

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  1. A summer constellation of the southern sky, said to resemble a chisel.


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Caelum (; earlier Cæla Sculptoris () is a minor southern constellation introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille.

Notable features

Caelum is a faint constellation, having no star brighter than fourth magnitude. Its brightest star, and the one closest to earth at 65.7 light years, is the magnitude 4.45 α Caeli. It is also the eighth smallest constellation, with an area just less than that of Corona Australis.
Caelum has little to offer for the small telescope. A small telescope splits γ Caeli into a magnitude 4.5 red giant and a magnitude 6.34 white giant. Larger telescopes are needed to see several NGC objects, all galaxies, but none brighter than magnitude 11.5 or larger than 3 arcseconds.



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